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Elmer The Traveling Gnome

Itinerary Page

Itinerary Page
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A Gnome Far From Home.....

This was my first adventure into the real world, so naturally I was a bit curious about what I would find beyond the limited view from the window of the shop.  From my vantage point, all I could manage to see were cars zooming by, people hurrying along their way, and the usual patrons of the small convenient shop across the street. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first to leave the stability of my dusty shelf  but once I got the hang of  being carried around and sat upon unusual and sometimes uncomfortable or unsteady places for those Kodak moments,  I had indeed caught the traveling bug in a big way!  

I've never been to so many places and used so many modes of transport in such a short time in my life!  My head's still spinning!  Cars, Taxis, Buses, "The Tube", Boats, Escelators, Elevators, Shopping Carts, Luggage Trolleys and Planes!   It sure beats that boat trip across the ocean from my birthplace, which I don't remember much about's impossible to see out of a shipping crate.  And I pretty much slept through the Indiana episode....glad I wasn't there long, whew!  I was peeling paint off the walls in that warehouse,  I was so bored! 


Castle Combe in Wiltshire County 

To me this picture represents the essence of my experience while visiting various places in the UK. It's old, it's pretty, it's funky and there's a pub there!


The Places I've Seen.....

Monday,  May 23, 2005:
"The Stones Tour"  ie: Stonehenge, Avebury Stones, Sillbury Hill, Marlborough, Salisbury and finally Swindon, all within "Weird" Wiltshire County, UK
Tuesday, May 24, 2005:
Bath, Castle Combe,and a couple of other cool little villages in Wiltshire County.
Wednesday, May 25 and Thursday May 26, 2005:
Friday, May 27, 2005:
Tintagel and Port Issac in Cornwall.
Glastonbury and Cheddar in Somerset
Saturday, May 28, 2005:
Malmesbury and Swindon, Wiltshire
Sunday, May 29, 2005:
Athens Georgia, USA  (via Cincinnatti Ohio)


Life is a journey, not a destination.....