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Lee Ho Fook's in Soho


Tower of London

This is the Tower of London.  I saw one of those Beefeaters.....eating  KFC chicken, which confused me somewhat......  I'm sure he'll be highly reprimanded for this by the Queen.


Avebury Stones

Watch where you step around these megaliths in Avebury!  Sheep are in abundance and it's clearly evident that they have no problems with their gastrointestinal systems....and who is this Vern person they're always yelling about, anyway? 


More Useless Trivia.....

This restuarant, Lee Ho Fook,  located in the Chinatown area of Soho, is sometimes frequented by local Werewolves, according to Warren Zevon in his 70's song  Werewolves Of London.  I think I might have seen one or 2 hanging around...or they could have just been a couple of Crusties up  for some Asian cuisine.  ;-)
The Tower of London was originally a main fortress in London, to keep the bad guys from coming in and mucking up the city.   It also served as a holding cell for said bad guys and other vagrants till they met their final destination, death.   I was told alot of heads were lopped off here back in those days,  so I thought it best not to get too close. 

Life is a journey, not a destination.....