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Elmer The Traveling Gnome

Why was Elmer deleted from these photos? Conspiracy??

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Why was Elmer deleted from these photos? Conspiracy??
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What do you think??....... Toby Grist, conspiracy theorist and research analyst, offers recently discovered facts.  


Firstly - we see how Elmer was in the original artwork for the Sgt Pepper album by The Beatles. For some unknown reason he was replaced later. We of the conspiracy think it was due to another photo opportunity he nearly spoilt.


Elmer kicked up a fuss when it was revealed The Beatles were not going to use this photo - and this one has been archived away in a dark basement until now! We believe this is the reason he didnt get the place in the final line up for Sgt peppers album sleeve!! He was only doing his job!Fasists!


Along time smoking buddy and backing vocalist on some early Marley songs , Elmer was gutted when the final edit of this poster was made and he was deleted. We can only assume Mrs Marley had something to do with this as Elmer and her didnt see eye to eye - well , he's much smaller than her!


The old pope used to take Elmer along on most of his trips abroad as someone to lean on when he got tired out. Here we can see that some other " Holy " people felt they were entitled to rest their weary bodys against Elmer too. Elmer said in this case he wasnt bothered too much as she was only small like him and he got a good feel up out of it - the cheeky little monkey!!!!

Life is a journey, not a destination.....