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Photos to feast your eyes upon.....
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Here are some more pictures ....take a look around!


Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Here we are, Sue and I,  at Stonehenge.   I hear this is a world famous "spiritual mecca" for many around the world, particularly Druids, New Agers, and other hippy types, (which explains why Sue was so eager to go there.)  ;-)   Before arriving, I kept hearing her muttering on about Ley Lines, and Astronomy and Cosmic Energy, blah blah....and of course, she always has to bring up musical significance about everything as well, citing songs and bands that have referenced these huge rocks sitting isolated in the English countryside....but the most curious thing involved a movie called....ermm...Spinal Tap, I think it was,  or something like that...  Whatever that was all about, it seemed to be quite amusing to her.   


Abbey Road Studios

Oh Lord!  I didn't think I'd ever hear the end of Abbey Road  this and that!
All about these blokes John, Paul, George and Ringo.....and someone named Pink Floyd!   Apparently,  they used to hanng around this studio in St John's Wood area,  making music,  holding up traffic, and consuming  haluciongenic substances to enhance their creative energies, or so they say...
There was horrible grafitti on the lovely garden wall, which means that the groundskeeper isn't properly attending to his duties, so I offered to white wash it for a small fee. 


Salisbury Cathedral

This place was HUGE!!!   I had to be reshod twice while walking around this Cathedral in Salisbury.  Here you can see me resting my tired dogs and enjoying the beautiful garden.


Big Ben

Here I am, suspened in air along side Big Ben......a clock.....that for some reason is considered one of the most famous sites in the world.  Go figure?


Houses of Parliment

Here you see the famous (or infamous to some) Houses of Parliment from across the River Thames. Here is where PM Tony Blair and his members hang out all day drinking lots of tea, going to pubs and making big decisions.


Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty's Crib. Queen 'Liz chills out here when she's not at Windsor Castle or zooming off to visit fellow blue bloods around the globe. I hear she's entertained lots of Celebs in this place, including rock legends Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, to name a few. If the house is a rockin' then don't bother knockin'...come on in and join the party!

Life is a journey, not a destination.....