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Elmer The Traveling Gnome

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Meet some of the cool folks I met!


Beer Garden Crowd

Here I am sitting with some friendly locals at a beer garden.They wanted me to join their party, which I obliged happily by sharing a few pints. When I woke up a couple hours later, I found myself surrounded by sheep and huge stones in Avebury!! What a long strange trip is't far ;-)


Eric, the Mohawk dude

This fellow was waiting his turn to ride the London Eye and, get this....HE was staring at ME! lol   I had a word with him and soon discovered our mutual interest in agriculture.   He mentioned his "secret" indoor garden  of the finest greenery....sounds lovely!   And through further conversation,  we realized that we both have a keen interest in mycology.  His cultivating methods are slightly different from my own,  as his involve cow pastures for some reason.  


That Bobby Bloke

As you can see, I had a run in with the law in London, but nothing too serious. No one told me it was illegal to relieve myself in the fountain in front of Buckingham Palace!


Some Yanks I met at Tower Bridge

These people were walking along Tower Bridge around 11:30pm when they spotted me on the wall of the bridge overlooking the River Thames. They thought I was a jumper till they saw me zipping up my trousers. Ya gotta go when you gotta go!  


My New Native American Mates

I found these 2 blokes standing outside this cigar shop. They had migrated from America in the 1960's following the Cuban Embargo/Travel Ban. They just couldn't shake that monkey on their backs consisting of fine Cuban Cigars and frequent visits to their beloved island paradise. Luckily for them, they were able to secure positions as doormen here.

Life is a journey, not a destination.....