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Elmer The Traveling Gnome

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Tingagel Castle

This is where Toby and Rawnie live.....In Tintagel, Cornwall, where King Arthur's Camelot was located, many believe. It's beautiful ain't it? 


Let My People Go!!

Ran into some mates stuck behind the glass in this shop near Covent Garden...a rowdy looking gang but fairly harmless, really.....Misunderstood youth, they are...  If ya don't mess with them, they won't mess with you.  


The Wite Hart Pub

Having a cider in The White Hart pub in Castle Combe aka: .'Most Picturesque Village'  in England.


Tea Room in Bath

Here I am,  waiting for a table at a posh tea room in Bath. ( see Bath Spa)  Unfortunately, I had not thought to wear my tie that day, and was promptly escorted out the front door....(not before I left my mark on their preferred guests sign-in book...Take that you snooty maitre'd! )


My entry in the guest book.

Life is a journey, not a destination.....